During the year 2011 Industrialchimica completed the construction of a new production site of about 6,000 m², converting at the same time the previous 3,000 m² installation into a storehouse and shipping area.

This important realization has meant an expansion in production capacity through the renovation and development of the facilities for the production of rodenticides and molluscicide baits, as well as the realization of a new plant dedicated to the production of insecticides in various types of formulation.

Industrialchimica is present on the Italian and international markets with an increasingly more competitive role as toll manufacturer, sharing with its partners the know-how acquired through years of significant experience in the production of pest control products, both for the amateur and professional sectors, using specificaly developed packagings.


  • Over 25 years’ expertise in manufacturing pest control products for PCO, Home & Garden and Agriculture markets, with unchanged attention to customers’ requirements.

  • Ownership of its own formulations, well-established relationships and key agreements with active ingredient notifiers for the production of biocides and plant protection products.

  • Toll manufacturing, from semi-finished goods to the packaged products, of:
  • rodenticide baits (fresh bait, extruded waxed blocks, pellets)
  • molluscicide baits (pellets, produced with the “Humid Manufacturing Process” formulation technique)
  • insecticides (dry powder, wettable powder, flowable concentrated suspension, concentrated emulsion, suspo emulsion (flow), microemulsion)
  • mastics for grafting (formulations with vegetable components)

  • Use of own packaging or developed according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Application of the most modern technologies in production processes, certified according to the highest quality and safety standards, with constant investments aiming to obtain an improved productivity.

  • Respect for the environment, highly qualified workers and production flexibility: the right attitude to achieve customer satisfaction.

These characteristics make Industrialchimica the ideal partner for those companies that wish to match competitiveness and success in the biocide and agrochemicals markets.