Integrated Quality – Safety and Environmental Management System

Company Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

INDUSTRIALCHIMICA SRL aims to pursue its own profit by taking care that its activities ensure a balance of its aims, the need to safeguard the interests of its stakeholders, Customers and Suppliers, respect and protection for the environment, the safety and health of its employees and of third parties working permanently with the company and all those who work on behalf of it.
The Company is committed to operating in compliance with regulatory requirements and pursuing continuous improvement in performance with regard to the environment and health and safety.

As a result, the Company has implemented an Integrated Quality – Safety and Environmental Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI ISO 45001:2018 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

To this end, the Company undertakes to:

  • Plan its processes with a risk-based thinking (RBT) approach in order to implement the most suitable actions to:
    • Assess and deal with risks related to processes;
    • Exploit and reinforce the opportunities identified;
  • Communicate the importance of the Integrated Management System and actively involve all stakeholders by coordinating and supporting them.
  • Involve, consult and get employees to participate, also through their representatives;
  • Pursue the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Operate in compliance with existing legislation, standards and technical practices;
  • Focus on continuous improvement in OH&S management and performance;
  • Eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks;
  • Analyse and define the needs and expectations of its Customers in order to meet their demands in the best possible way;
  • Continue researching the best available/sustainable technologies and developing innovative applications for its production process. Such actions aim to minimise the environmental impact of company activities while ensuring good business performance and, consequently, customer satisfaction;
  • Organise company interventions using skilled and responsible human resources, who accept and share the principles set out in this document;
  • Analyse and carry out all the actions and resources required to ensure an accurate assessment of the interventions to be performed;
  • Ensure that interventions are carried out in accordance with all the measures required to guarantee respect for the environment;
  • Guarantee that operators are informed about the potential risks associated with the activities and adequately trained and instructed to operate with full knowledge of the facts and respect for the regulations issued;
  • Introduce surveillance procedures in order to monitor the implementation of this policy, carrying out regular checks on the efficiency and adequacy of the measures and systems put in place;
  • Devise measures to ensure that the conduct of all third-party operators is consistent with the principles defined in this policy, through dissemination/communication to all people working for the organisation or on its behalf;
  • Make this policy also known to the outside world to increase knowledge of the company’s operations;

On the basis of the previously mentioned general policy objectives, as well as those expressed in the SGQA Manual, the Management identifies and regularly reviews its strategic objectives.